Remove all people/pets from the vehicle during product usage.

  • Clears grime
  • Fast Acting
  • Fresh Scent

Product Description

Armor All® Odour Eliminator Fogger in Midnight Air scent is designed to destroy smoke and stubborn odours in the air con system in just 10 minutes.  Featuring a simple ‘lock and leave’ system, our car odour eliminator also helps clean and refresh the inside of your car and the entire air-conditioning system.  No tools or mechanical expertise needed.

  • Rapid odour eliminator
  • Destroys smoke and other stubborn smells
  • Simple ‘lock and leave’ system
  • Fast and easy, works in 10 minutes
  • No tools or mechanical expertise required


Remove all people/pets from the vehicle during product usage.

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Usage Directions

Taking just 10 minutes to work, your car will be smelling fresh in no time. To ensure you’re getting the very best out of our car odour eliminator, follow the steps below.

  1. Shake can well before use.
  2. Start engine and close all windows.
  3. Switch A/C onto maximum cold air and circulation setting.
  4. Push and fold front passenger seat forward as far as possible. Place can on the floor, two thirds from front passenger seat, with nothing obstructing spray pattern.
  5. Press down on the aerosol.
  6. Close the doors and leave the car.
  7. After approximately 10 minutes, the can will be empty. Switch off the A/C and engine.
  8. Open doors and windows to ventilate.

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