• Ammonia-free
  • Easy to use
  • Streak-free finish

Product Description

Automotive glass faces special cleaning problems, such as road grime, bugs and tough dirt on the outside, and an oily film on the inside.

Grime from the road contains grease and salt, and can be very difficult to remove. Smears in winter, and the glare from the sun in summer can be hazardous and a clear windscreen is therefore essential for safe driving.

  • Quickly removes tough road dirt, grime and insects
  • Cuts through tough film build up on interior windows
  • Does not contain ammonia, which means it is safe for tinted windows
  • Leaves windows streak-free for maximum visibility

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Usage Directions

  1. Spray onto glass.
  2. Wipe dry to a streak-free shine with a paper towel or lint free cloth.