Washing and Drying

  • Rinse to remove debris
  • Wash small sections at a time, starting at the top
  • Rinse and dry each section immediately
Armor All Wash Wax


  • Clean and protect

Trim, Molding and Plastic

  • Clean and dress all rubber, plastic and vinyl
Armor All Products


  • Polish chrome


Windows and Wipers

  • Clean top edge of the window pane
  • Wipe windshield wipers with a wet rag
  • Clean side-view mirrors
Armor All Products

Wheels and Tires

  • Clean cool wheels with cleaner
  • Hose off and dry
  • Wax clear-coated or painted wheels


Waxing and Sealing

  • Apply in cool, shaded area
  • Work top down in small areas at a time


Looking to clean your interior? We’ve got a checklist for that as well.


Armor All Ceramic Wheel Cleaner