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  • Lasting Protection
  • Sheens & Shines

Product Description

Armor All® Ultra Shine Headlight Restoration Wipes easily get rid of oxidation, restoring your headlights like new in two easy steps. Pre-moistened wipes eliminate the guesswork out of how much to use and require no tools or sandpaper. Our Headlight Restoration Wipes cure in about 3 hours and provide lasting UV protection.

  • Easily wipe away oxidation to restore headlights like new.
  • No tools or sandpaper needed.
  • Pre-moistened wipes take the guesswork out of headlight restoration.
  • Step one cleans and wipes away haze and yellowing caused by oxidation.
  • Step two wipes on UV Sealant Protection Coating for lasting UV protection.

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Usage Directions

Armor All® Ultra Shine Headlight Restoration Wipes will give your car headlights a stunning sheen in two steps. No tools or sandpaper needed.

Step 1: Oxidation Removal


Use painter’s tape to protect painted surfaces surrounding headlight.

  • Ensure headlight is clean and dry.
  • Open one Cleaning/Oxidation Removal pouch and remove wipe. Keep wipe folded to reduce evaporation.
  • Scrub headlight with firm, even pressure in a horizontal back-and-forth motion. You will notice the oxidation residue beginning to be removed.
  • Turn the wipe to a clean side, keeping the wipe folded.
  • Continue to wipe, turning wipe to clean section as needed until no residue is visible on wipe. Discard wipe.
  • Open a second Cleaning/Oxidation Removal pouch and continue wiping back and forth with firm pressure for at least 2 minutes.
  • Note: Though your headlight may appear clear, additional deep cleaning is necessary to ensure all oxidation is removed.
  • Repeat the above steps on other headlight.


Step 2: UV Sealant Protection

  • Ensure surface is dry before applying sealant. For best results, first wipe surface with a clean, lint-free towel.
  • Open UV Sealant Protection pouch and pull out wipe.
  • Apply to the headlight surface by wiping in one direction, similar to applying a coat of paint. One wipe will coat two headlights, but use additional sealant wipe if needed. Avoid contact with painted surfaces.
  • Let surface dry completely. Surface will be dry to touch in about 3 hours. Do not touch surface and avoid contact with water until dry. If spotting or streaking occurs from water contact before fully dry, repeat Step 1 and Step 2 with fresh wipes.


Note: Drying time after Step 2 is dependent upon weather conditions. Drying may take longer in lower temperatures or higher humidity.

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