Not for personal cleansing.

  • Carnuaba Wax
  • Quick cleaning
  • Streak-free finish

Product Description

Armor All® Glass Wipes made from biodegradable plant-based material are specially designed for cleaning your car windscreen. They help remove road dirt, grime and insects quickly for a streak-free finish that helps ensure clear visibility on the roads. Our glass wipes are available in soft packaging for use on the go or a secure “twist & lock” tub to store in your car boot or home garage.

  • Wipes made with biodegradable plant material
  • 100% plastic-free wipes
  • Quickly removes tough road dirt, grime and insects that ordinary household cleaners cannot handle
  • Leaves windows streak-free
  • Does not contain ammonia, which means it is safe for tinted windows.


Not for personal cleansing.

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Usage Directions

Armor All Glass Wipes can be used on car exteriors and interiors, as well as any windows, mirrors or glass.

  1. Wipe the surface clean with Armor All Glass Wipes to maintain appearance and protection. Wipes will feel slightly dry to touch.
  2. Repeat until streak-free.
  3. Dispose of wipe in trash. Do not flush.

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