• Choice of scents
  • Long-lasting Scent
  • Odor Elimination Technology


Product Description

Armor All® Smoke X™ Aerosol Spray is formulated using our special Odor Elimination Technology™ to destroy smoke and other stubborn odors including those left behind by food and pets.

Instead of covering them up, it removes odors entirely, leaving you with a fresh scent. 

  • Smoke X™ features patented Odor Elimination Technology™
  • Destroys smoke and other stubborn odors instead of covering them up.

Usage Directions

Using Smoke X™ Aerosol Spray to get rid of bad odors is simple.

  1. Shake well before use
  2. Hold can upright and spray away from your face
  3. Do not spray directly on fabrics, vinyl or other surfaces.


For intense bad odors, a second spray may be required.

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