• Durable
  • High Gloss Shine
  • Wet or Dry

Product Description

Armor All® Liquid Cleaner Wax contains special cleaning agents that remove wax build-up. Durable silicones revive your vehicle’s exterior paint with little effort, leaving a high-gloss shine that lasts.

  • Easy buffing to a high-gloss shine
  • May be used on a wet or dry car
  • Clear Coat Safe

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    Usage Directions

    1. Wash Vehicle.
    2. Shake bottle well
    3. Open cap and remove foil seal prior to first use.
    4. With a clean, damp cotton or microfiber cloth apply a small amount of product to one section of the paintwork at a time.
    5. Rub into vehicle surface evenly in a circular motion.
    6. Let dry to haze and buff off with a cloth.


    Apply on a cool vehicle out of direct sunlight. Can be used on a wet car.