• Convenient
  • Effective cleaning
  • Foaming

Product Description

The Armor All® Large Sponge has an easy grip design, making it ideal for cleaning your car, boat, truck or motorcycle. This large car washing sponge is great for washing the body of your vehicle, glass and plastics. Easy to grip even when frothy with suds, simply soak it in suds and start washing to help replenish your vehicle’s shine.

  • Easy grip
  • Tackles dirt, grime and residue
  • Super-sudsing
  • Versatile and usable on a variety of vehicles

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    Usage Directions

    Follow our advice below to get a quality clean out of this sponge:


    1. For a high sudsing effect with this sponge, use a strong stream of water to fill a bucket with Armor All® wash product.
    2. For best results, use two sponges when washing your car, one for the paintwork and glass and one for wheels.

    When the sponge gets dirty whilst washing the car, regularly rinse in a bucket of water to avoid scratching on paintwork.