• Adaptable
  • Easily activated
  • Natural absorption

Product Description

Our Odor Absorbing Charcoal Bags can be placed virtually anywhere in your car – between or under the seats, inside door pockets, center consoles or cup holders – so you can purify the air with little to no effort. Choose between one pouch, typically hung from the headrest, or three smaller pouches – and watch them naturally absorb odors and moisture without the need for chemicals.

  • Odor Elimination Technology** naturally absorbs odors and moisture.
  • Made from 100% natural bamboo – no fragrances or added chemicals.
  • Helps reduce the perception of pets, food and other odors.
  • Designed to fit anywhere in car.
  • Comes in 2 options: 1 large pouch or 3 small pouches.

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    Usage Directions

    Our Odor Absorbing Charcoal Bags are easy to use and store, just:

    1. Remove the outer packaging.
    2. For one pouch, unclip the strap and hang your pouch in a secure place, such as a headrest. Clip in place.
    3. For three pouches, store them where odor is likely to linger, such as under seats, cup holders or door pockets.

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