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Vent & Duct Cleaner Odor Neutralizer

Freshen your car's vent & ducts, where odors such as smoke, mold, and mildew can hide in your car's air system.

Don't just mask car odors—neutralize them. Our Vent & Duct Cleaner Odor Neutralizer, destroys odors caused by mold & mildew, stale air and smoke in one treatment.

Armor All® Vent & Duct Cleaner Odor Neutralizer is created specifically for automotive HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems.

Armor All® Vent & Duct Cleaner Odor Neutralizer's special formula allows you to treat vents, ductwork, the evaporator core, and the drain pan area, helping to eliminate a variety of odors caused by mold and mildew. It also cleans by removing light dirt that resides in ductwork, as well as dirt and dust that sit on vent surfaces. NOT A MASK OR COVER-UP. A formula that stops and neutralizes odors!

Watch and learn the right technique.

See Product Label for Use Details

Directions for use

Locate the fresh air intake grille, typically found outside the automobile running lengthwise near the base of the windshield. In some models, access may be gained by lifting the hood. Set air conditioner on HIGH fan and NORMAL setting for fresh (outside) air. Shake can gently and spray slightly less than one-half can into the grille. If desired, raise extension tube all the way for more precise application. If there is mesh or screen, spray product directly through. With fan off, spray product directly into each vent and spray product into a towel to wipe vent faces clean. 

IMPORTANT: After treatment, allow the vehicle to ventilate for 5-10 minutes, running the fan on HIGH with windows open. 


Available in the following scent: