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Rapid Odor Eliminator

Fast and easy way to get rid of tough odors like food, pet, and smoke. 

Goes to work to remove odors and release fresh fragrance throughout the car's vents and interior. 

See how we get the job done.

See Product Label for Use Details

Directions for use

  1. Vehicle should be unoccupied. No people, pets or plants.
  2. For best results, remove any sources of unwanted odors.
  3. Park car outside in a cool, shady location.
  4. Start the car and set the air conditioning on HIGH fan. Turn on the interior recirculation feature and close all the windows.
  5. Activate the Odor Eliminator can with the nozzle facing away from you. Set Rapid Odor Eliminator on the center console or a similar flat surface in the center of the vehicle and close the car door. Rapid Odor Eliminator will empty completely into the closed vehicle.
  6. Leave all car doors and all windows closed for 15 minutes, with the A/C on, in order to recirculate.
  7. Open all car doors, turn the car off and allow the car to air out for 5 to 10 minutes.

Contains Trans-1,3,3,3-Tetrafluoroprop-1-ene, Ethyl Alcohol, Fragrance. Wash hands after use. Keep away from heat and flames. Keep can away from any source of electricity. Do not puncture or incinerate (burn) container. Do not store above 120˚F or in direct sunlight. Do not smoke while using. Avoid breathing the vapors; may cause dizziness and watering eyes. Avoid contact with the eyes. Use with adequate ventilation. Intentional inhalation or abuse (concentrating and inhaling vapors) may be harmful or fatal.



Available in the following scents: