• Durable
  • Tough on stains
  • UV Protection

Product Description

Armor All® Ultra +Ceramic Leather Treatment & Cleaning Wipes are formulated to safely clean and deliver an optimized amount of SiO2-based technology that provides even greater hydrophobic protection than untreated leather – without compromising the soft feel of leather surfaces.

  • Helps repel dirt and grime and provides easier cleaning
  • Leaves leather protected from liquids and stains
  • Offers UV protection
  • Lasts for weeks!

Usage Directions

DIRECTIONS: Wipe automotive leather surface with Armor All® Ultra +Ceramic
Leather Treatment & Cleaning Wipes to clean, protect and maintain the appearance of your leather. Repeat if needed. Dispose of wipe in trash. Do not flush.

NOTE: First test in an inconspicuous area before use. NOT FOR USE ON non-leather soft surfaces (i.e. fabric upholstery, carpet), suede, or unfinished leather. 1. Take off lid and remove seal. Pull wipe from centre of roll. 2. thread wipe through holes and replace lid on canister. 3. Pull wipe out as needed. The next sheet will pop up automatically. Twist to left to lock and close the lid.