• Easy to use
  • Fast & Effective
  • Triple Action

Product Description

Armor All® Wheel Cleaner is formulated to quickly and easily dissolve brake dust and grime, to reveal beautiful shiny wheels. It is also safe for clear coated and factory painted wheels.

  • Triple action foaming formula
  • Dissolves grease, road grime, dirt and brake dust
  • Cleans wheels to keep them looking like new
  • Fast and effective – works in 30 seconds

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Usage Directions

Before use, test in an inconspicuous area. Allow spot test area to dry. If hazing or spots appear, discontinue use.

  1. Shake Wheel Cleaner well before use.
  2. Use a strong stream of water to rinse wheel. Spray Armor All® Wheel Cleaner onto cool wheel.
  3. Allow 30 seconds to penetrate. Do not exceed 30 seconds. Clean one wheel at a time.
  4. Loosen stubborn dirt with an ARMOR ALL® Wheel Brush or Cloth.
  5. Hose off with a strong stream of water. Use Armor All® Chamois or Drying Towel to dry wheel and prevent water spots.

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