• Easy application
  • Protects and cleans
  • Streak-free finish


Product Description

Use Armor All® Extreme Tyre Shine for a breathtaking rich black, wet look shine. Our blend of gloss enhancers helps deliver an extreme shine plus with our no wipe formula and easy spray application, you can achieve a smooth finish without the mess.

When used regularly, Armor All® Extreme Tyre Shine helps preserve your tyres by protecting them from harmful elements that can cause cracking and fading.

  • Rick black, wet look shine
  • Gloss enhancers for a rich black, wet look shine
  • Protects from fading and cracking

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Usage Directions

  1. Shake can well. Hold can 15 to 20 cms away from a clean, dry tyre and spray evenly over tyre sides. Be sure to avoid treads.
  2. Allow product to stand for 15 minutes before driving. Do not wipe as any drips or runs will disappear, leaving a brilliant shine.
  3. To remove overspray on wheels or paint, wipe with a dry cloth. Repeat application for maximum shine.

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