Read label before use. Keep out of reach of children.

  • pH neutral
  • Safe on paintwork
  • Streak-free finish


Product Description

Armor All ® Streak Free Car Wash is specially formulated to clean away dirt, grime and road film from the exterior paint surfaces of your car.

Mixing to a rich, foaming lather, Armor All® Streak Free Car Wash rinses clean, even in cold water, leaving your car with a beautiful streak free finish. And, it’s ph neutral and safe for all paint finishes.

  • Gentle Cleaning
  • Cleans dirt and grime without stripping wax
  • Thick foaming formula effectively cleans
  • Safe for all paint finishes


Read label before use. Keep out of reach of children.

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Usage Directions

  1. Shake product well before use
  2. Rinse car with water to remove excess dirt and grime.
  3. Pour 30ml (3 caps) into a clean bucket and mix thoroughly with hot or cold water.
  4. Wash car in sections with an Armor All® Sponge or Mitt.
  5. Rinse car thoroughly after cleaning each section.
  6. Use Armor All® Chamois or Microfibre Towel to dry vehicle.

For Best Results: Wash car in the shade and rinse sponge regularly with clean water to remove dirt and avoid scratching.

Armor All® Pro Washing Tip: Use two sponges or mitts when washing – One for the painted surfaces and glass and the second for wheels and tyres.